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Hi friends, are you looking for kitchen contractor New York, and bathrooms New York, or a renovation contractor you’ve come to the right place. In kitchen remodelling, home renovation and kitchen design, Elite Kitchen & Bath has earned its reputation as the top choice and their products are preferred by people since 1984. For nearly three decades, it has been serving residents in Long Island, New York and surrounding areas and they have team of professionals who can do the job in a right manner.

Elite Kitchen & Bath is unique from others as they make their service convenient to people living in furthest reaches of Long Island, the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The team of professionals are ready to help people living in farthest areas and provides best job for clients. High quality bathroom and kitchen cabinets from Millbrook, Rutt and Snaidero are used to make the kitchen and bathroom look even more stylish and unique.

Those people who wish to have eco-friendly look to their house can visit them as they offer green kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The renovation service New York is done with minimal impact on environment. The cost of remodelling is affordable that residents of New York get a great chance to remodel their houses at low cost. The work is carried out on time which proves their dedication towards their work. Whether simple design update or renovation project from beginning to end, the team provide satisfactory results with best quality.

Visit them and get the remodelling done and get a unique and new look to house today. 

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How to Make Over Your Kitchen on a Budget

With a little improvisation a new kitchen doesn’t have to cost the world; it’s all about using what you’ve got and up-cycling it into something better!
These 10 tips will inspire you to transform your kitchen into the beautiful space you deserve!
Chalon Handmade
Image by: Chalon Handmade

1) Update your Units
One of the biggest expenses in a kitchen is the units. So if they’re perfectly functional why not just leave them in place? You may not like their design but that can be easily changed!
The easiest way to transform your cabinets is by painting them. Even just painting them their original colour again can often liven up units that have started to become dull.
But if the doors themselves aren’t to your style, then do away with them completely! Rather than hiding away all of your kitchenware, put some on display.
Open cabinets are very popular at the moment, but if a completely open cabinet is too much of a plunge then go half-way and fit a glass door.

2) Fix your Flooring
If you dislike your flooring then don’t put up with it, change it!
True wooden flooring can be expensive, so instead purchase an imitation vinyl design instead. If you’re confident enough with D.I.Y you can even lay it yourself.
But if it’s the colour of the flooring that’s an issue, then how about trying floor paint? For a fancy pattern more skill is required, but for a simple wash of colour it’s easy and perfect!

3) Paint, Paint Paint!
Chalon Handmade
Image by: Chalon Handmade
As mentioned above you can paint everything from your units to your floor! Kitchens don’t have to be plain white, so experiment with colour and try and a splash or two to certain feature areas.
Your appliances don’t have to stay the same colour either; with specialist paint nearly everything can be radically transformed!

4) De-clutter
You may not want to hear it, but de-cluttering is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen. If your work surfaces are clear then consider if anything else is messy – those fridge magnets may hold nice memories but are they spoiling the design?
If you store items on viewable shelves, make sure to group similar items together. Also, try to colour co-ordinate if possible.
5) Gadgets
You only have a few essential gadgets in your kitchen, so it’s important to make sure that they match both each other and the rest of your design.
Purchase a matching toaster and kettle and your kitchen will immediately look more stylish!

6) Soft Furnishings
If your curtains and blinds are looking dated then replace them!
The vapours from your cooking will start to stain materials over time, so make sure to wash your curtains every so often.
Plus, you can also easily update a tired oak dining table and chairs by re-upholstering it!

7) Storage
Skegg Kitchen
Image by: Chalon Handmade
Group things together and make sure there’s room for everything, don’t end up with random clutter on your work top.
If you fancy getting inventive then why not create your own hanging rack to store pots, pans and other kitchen essentials!

8) New Handles
Revitalise old furniture simply by replacing the handles! If you have wooden handles you could even just use paint to give them a modern colour update. Old oak sideboards can be instantly turned into stylish modern pieces.

9) Add Artwork
Once you’ve de-cluttered it’s time to add some personality back in. Wall murals can look fantastic, and they’re cheap and easy to apply, but make sure to purchase ones related to the kitchen – a traditional, Victorian-era kitchen with a blown-up Pablo Picasso is not a stylish look!

10) Lighting
What lighting you choose isn’t too important; the crucial thing is to have lots of it! Dark and dingy rooms are instantly less appealing, and will make your kitchen look old and worn out.

The main thing to consider when renovating on a budget is what the worst things in your kitchen are, and what you can realistically do with the money you have. If you focus on sorting out all of the major problems now, you can work on improving surface details and accessories at a later date when you’ve got a bit more cash to spare.

Do you have any other tips for budget kitchen makeovers?

Estelle page is an interior designer on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place, one room at a time! When she’s not busy looking at style tips and colour charts, she’s loving life at home with her husband and two children.

Home Safety

Home SafetyHome safety is important for each owner. Peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family and your property worth keep making your home secure. Here are 10 simple ways to improve your home security.

When moving into a new home, remember to change all the locks that are currently installed, because you never know who had given access to your home and it provides assurance that only you have access to your house now . Furthermore, with good components of quality assurance can provide a safe home. Locksmiths Lanarkshire would be happy to help you achieve this goal.

Never leave notes on the door: When you leave a note handed to a person or a family member, you can never highlighted on the front door. This is just a welcome sign to burglars that you are not adding home.Consider lighting: If your home has little or no outdoor lighting check, by some, as this would be a deterrent to burglars , can be.

Ask for references from anyone to give your home: Get an identity card of anyone who wants to give your home, you can ensure your home. Burglars sometimes pretend to be something they are at home for later burglary.Never not gain entrance to your home to make room appears to be empty: Even when you’re away, use timers on lights to create the illusion that someone is home.

Consider some shrubs near your home: designing a landscape plan to hide because of its places for a burglar out of your home is a good idea. Try to break into your own home: Try to break you, in your own house in order all points of easy entry, you may not find noticed.Conceal son alarm: It is not good to have a security system, if the lines are easily accessible from the exterior of your home. Make sure your son security alarm are hidden.

Start a watchful neighbor: Get to know your neighbors, make friends with people around you to ensure that they are looking for your home if you are not at home. Get a dog maybe even a little dog to deter a burglar from entering your home.These are 10 simple ways to make your home safer.

Decorate your House with wooden Furniture

Decorate your House with wooden Furniture
If you live in a cabin, then you can take the time to make it look like a shack. Whether you stay there all year or just visiting in summer, a house should have a certain rustic atmosphere. A robust forest or wild garden helps set the stage for the classic experience that most people associate with the series of booths, but it’s up to you to ensure that the interior meets these expectations.

One way to add a unique decor, rustic cabin in your house is teak furniture. With its dark color, tight grain and natural twists and knots, teak furniture creates organic pieces that look at home in the cabins, cottages and ranch-style houses. The groovy Big Bear Dinner Teak table are eye-catching features in the center of your dining room, offers the beauty that you need for your special weekend with the durability you need for daily food.

Under the “Back to the roots” collection combines the functionality of Big Bear daily table with rustic charm in a striking element that consists of several basic cabin decor. Like all wood furniture, Big Bear has unique processing and a look one-of-a-kind. Real teak roots are used for the legs, creating an ecological effect. Briwax layers of the finished part to protect and preserve the special appearance. Teak furniture is made from natural and very resistant to damage, so you will be able to enjoy meals with the family around your table for many years. For a rustic dining room set that will really look at the pair of Big Bear with a set of teak chairs Husker.

With wood furniture to decorate your cabin is an attractive way to create an atmosphere wooded classic, inside and out. The next time you sit at your table in Big Bear, take a moment to reflect on the look and feel of natural wood and appreciate their looks. You are sure to investigate something new every time you see the rustic building.

Organic Produce for Beautiful Garden

Organic Produce for Beautiful Garden
Are you there, what chemicals are in commercial fertilizers or pesticides are hidden fear? No more worrying about these toxic chemicals is one of the many benefits of organic gardening. Organic gardening is even cheaper, you do not spend that much money on tools and equipment. Here are some strategies to help you in a good organic gardener.

You must have a lot of mulch, if you save water, if you want a garden growing. The more you use mulch, the less you have to water the plants. You can get it from memory, parts of trees, parts of dead plants or materials. For best results, use with generous coats. Weeds are a problem in any garden, and organic. This biological method against weeds is safer to kill you and the environment.

Organic foods contain no chemical pesticides. This will improve the overall health of your family, but it means you should be especially careful about checking pests. On check-out to buy tomatoes, a little stung in the soil. When purchasing tomato plants for the garden, keep an eye on the lush green set with root systems that are bad. These launches will remain an obstacle to the main plant for several weeks, the growth of seedlings when they are available.

Would you kill this weed naturally unpleasant? Newspaper stack on top of each other to kill weeds. Weeds can develop when the sun properly. The newspaper will block sunlight and weeds do not grow in the position. You can press because of how beautiful they break, they can be added to the compost. Cover the newspaper with mulch will help your garden to be more pleasing to the eyes. If you want to bring children to the feast of planting some strawberries, everbearing, if possible. Young children like to gather the fruits of a garden. For this reason, they are more likely to assist you in your garden, if they like something out of this feeling.

If you want a sustainable garden, quietly let a part of it as a home for wildlife in the region. The creatures will pollinate the plants to produce and help for their actions, develop a positive effect on the garden, you need to continue. Overall, an advantage for the lower layer of mulch. The mulch protects the soil, it is on. Mulch make sure your soil is kept cool in hot weather and protect your roots. Mulch also slows the rate of evaporation of water, the capacity of your soil retain moisture improves. It also acts as a weed.