Perfect Guest bedroom: To welcome guests on its own

Perfect Guest bedroom

When you stay with a friend while traveling to other city, it is very comfortable, cost saving and enables you to spend some quality time with your friends. People prefer staying with friends rather than in a hotel.

It is good idea of setting up a guest room in your house, if you have some space. This will enable you to welcome your friends and relatives and make them feel as if they are in a home away from their home. Your guest will be able to experience your hospitality and will feel welcomed in the guest room retreat you have set for them. Doing this is very easy. The following article will help you in creating the same luxury that your guests will experience in a hotel.


A spare room can be set aside for the guests. But if you do not have a room to spare you can look into some innovative ideas of making a double utility room a guest room / craft room, guest room / home office or guest room / library. The guest room should have a comfortable bed with good pillows and linens. Do not forget to include TV, side table with a lamp, alarm clock in the room.

Spotlight of the room should be the Bed

The bed should be very comfortable. For this pay attention to the following

Good Mattress: Do not use the old mattress which you do not use as you feel they are not comfortable.

Pillows: Put new pillows and not the old one which you do not use. The fluffy ones would be a preferred choice upon the handmade pillows. You can also put some extra decorative pillows on the bed.

Beyond the Bed

Keep a basket in the room with toiletries and bath items. Include travel size items like hairspray, dental floss, soap, shampoo, deodorant lotion, talc, toothpaste and also a new toothbrush. You will have to refresh the basket for every new guest. This basket can be kept in the bathroom.

Another basket can be kept in the bedroom. You can put some interesting current magazines, a fiction novel, a spiritual book, bottles of water, a pen or pencil, a map of the city, a notepad, local newspaper etc.


If there is a bathroom attached with the guest room, the basket made above with the toiletries can be kept in the bathroom. Else you can keep it in the room itself. Apart from these keep one set of bath linens for each guest. The set can include hand towel and bath towel.

Keep a laundry basket in the guest room if your guests will stay for more then 2-3 days. They can use this basket to keep their dirty cloths which they can wash later.

By following these ides you can make your guests feel that they are staying in a luxurious hotel and will be very comfortable. They will feel like they are in their own home. This will also raise the chances of you getting the same reception when you visit their home.

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